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Status of M&E Practice

Given the considerable investments being made in developing, building, and strengthening monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacity of national HIV programmes, CHRC found it essential to assess the status of M&E practice in the Caribbean. This project was conducted in June/July 2011 and sought to do the following:

  • To determine the progress made in the area of M&E system strengthening, the    obstacles to be surmounted, and the gaps to be filled;
  • To review reports and conduct a meta-analysis of HIV program performance; and,
  • To provide a framework for action by proposing ways to move forward with recommendations that could be implemented at either the national or regional level

Download the Status of M&E Practice in the Caribbean

M&E Plans

It is important for all programmes, whether they consist of multiple or single interventions, to have an M&E Plan for assessing the progress in achieving their goals and objectives. These Plans give clear guidance regarding the information or data to be collected, how they can be collected, and how to disseminate and use the results. The M&E Plan also documents how these activities contribute to the achievement of the programme goals / expected results.

CHRC has been working with National AIDS Programme staff to Update M&E Plans to ensure that they are aligned to their current National Strategic Plans.