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Training Workshops

One of the core functions of the CHRC is to facilitate the development and strengthening of health research and related capacity in the Caribbean. To address this, CHRC has been conducting training workshops in its member countries since 1994. These workshops are intended to complement the more formal research training available at tertiary education facilities. They have been proven to be very useful to persons in research posts or who are engaged in the conduct of research. In addition, they play an important role in increasing the level of research literacy among all health professionals and have contributed significantly to the strengthening of a research culture in the Caribbean, empowering the health professional to respond to the challenges they face using a scientific approach.

CHRC has been playing an increasingly important role in building the capacity of persons employed at Ministries of Health and other health agencies, enabling them to conduct essential research and related activities. Training workshops hosted by the CHRC support capacity development in the following areas:

  • Basic Research Skills,
  • Data Management and Analysis,
  • Research Ethics,
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and
  • Grant Writing.

For more information on the Training Workshops, please see the Training drop-down menu on the Home Page.

Partner agencies that require training in these areas can contact the CHRC for more information.